Medical Departments

KPC Medical College is divided into the following basic science and patient care departments that focus on the sciences underlying clinical medicine and/or encompass the study, treatment, and prevention of human diseases.

  Department.of Anaesthesiology   Department.of Anatomy   Department.of Biochemistry  
  Department.of Community Medicine   Department.of Dentistry   Department.of Dermatology  
  Department.of ENT   Department.of General Medicine   Department.of General Surgery  
  Department.of Obstetric & Gynaecology   Department.of Opthalmology   Department.of Orthopaedics  
  Department.of Paediatrics   Department.of Radiology   Department.of Respiratory Medicine  
  Department.of Microbiology   Department.of Pathology   Department.of Pharmacology  
  Department.of Physiology   Department.of Psychiatry   Department.of Forensic Medicine  



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